The conference will be held at Hi Chance (Dalian) Science & Technology Center (detail)

Address: 507 Huangpu Rd, Ganjingzi Qu, Dalian, Liaoning Province, China

Romantic Dalian, Charming City

"North bright pearl" Dalian is located in the Liaodong Peninsula, in North China and it is the greenest city, she has many a title, such as the China Excellent Tourism City, garden city, the United Nations awarded the "world500" city. Dalian is a beautiful seacoast city and famous for tourism. The best season for tourism is from May to the end of October. Year-round average temperature in Dalian is 10.5 centigrade degree. Especially in summer, Dalian become a city yearned for by people who want to take shelter from the hot summer.

Dalian is a place where you can find natural scenes of stunning beauty, amiable climate, stylish architecture, comfortable beaches and summer tourist resorts. The gardens and circuses everywhere are good decorations of the city. To the north of the city, there is the Golden Pebble Beach National Tourist Resort, where one can see typical sea-corroded landscape and landform of coastal cast, and the Almighty’s master piece—the unique “turtle-shell rocks”. Golden Pebble Beach National Tourist Resort stretches more than 30 km long coastline, condensed 3-9 million years geological wonders. It is honored as "divine sculpture park".

Dalian is renowned for its emerald lawns and for its blooming flowers. The best way to see these splenders in all their delights is to visit one of Dalian''s squares. The urban area of Dalian has more than 100 squares -- that forms the striking feature of its town planning, which outshines any other major city in China.

The numerous squares can be compared to inlaid pearls, or, resemble musical notes written in one''s imagination. The comeliness of the Sea Melody Square, the manliness of Xinghai Square, the elegance of Zhongshan Square and the meaningfulness of the Renmin Square, all present a galaxy of pleasure to one's eyes, intoxicate one''s heart and crystallize into a dulcet memory. As the city''s drawing room, the citizens flock to these squares to relax, to communicate, and to exercise. Similar to a cosmopolitan European city, many of these squares are frequented by doves and have beautiful fountains, some even have Greek sculptures and Parisian lamps in them.

Dalian female Rangers as symbol of Dalian city is a beautiful scenery line in Dalian,They have a horseback rose praise. It is possible that you can see them when you visit the Star Sea square—the largest city square in Asia. It was founded in December 1994, and it plays an important role in public. To most visitors who come to Dalian for touring ,taking photos with woman mounted police has become an essential activity.