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International Symposium on Isogeometric Analysis and Mesh Generation (IGA&Mesh) 2018 is an international symposium dedicated to promoting the research in the fields of isogemetric analysis and mesh generation. It covers theoretic and algorithmic issues arising in IGA and mesh generation, the focus is on the design and analysis of algorithms, models of computation, and experimental analysis.

Isogeometric analysis (IGA) is a recently developed computational approach, which has great potential to integrate finite element analysis (FEA) into conventional NURBS-based CAD design tools. Comparing to the conventional Finite Element Method, IGA coherently fuses both CAD and CAE fields and has demonstrates many merits: it is unnecessary to convert Spline models to meshes and vice versa, subdivision becomes much simpler without loss of geometric accuracy, it is more convenient to solve problems with high order continuity and so on. IGA has been broadly applied for analysing solid and fluid mechanics, electric-magnetic fields design and crack propagation. The IGA approach requires the advancements of structured hexahedral meshing techniques, in order to construct solid Splines, namely the so called holy-grid problem. Furthermore, the IGA method needs the developments of novel Spline theories and schemes. All these novel developments will advance the CAGD, CAE fields, and benefit Computer Graphics, Digital Geometry, Computational Geometry and Machine vision fields.